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It’s spring time again and I love the spring!We’ve had about 850 lambs born this year, they are growing really quickly at the moment.

In fact some of them are as big as me, though not as big as Jake and certainly not as big as the visitor that we met yesterday. The boss had a phone call yesterday morning to tell him that there was a big dog chasing the sheep on Morte Point. When we got there, we found a huge great St Bernard (about as big as five of me) chasing sheep near the cliff edge. The boss managed to catch it and give it back to its owner, but the dog had already managed to chase one lamb over the edge of the cliff. The boss climbed down and carried the lamb back up, fortunately it wasn’t too badly hurt. We bought it home and put it in the shed to look after it. I hope that it’s ok. It’s not just new lambs that have arrived at Borough Farm this spring, the ducks have hatched seven new ducklings, and on the island on the pond the geese are sitting on a big pile of eggs. Unfortunately the mother goose seems to get bored of sitting on the eggs, and once a week she takes a day off and swims around the pond. I don’t think that she realises that she needs to sit on them all of the time if she wants them to hatch!I’ll let you know what happens next time… See you soon!


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