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lambing open days

We’d been planning for some time to open the lambing barns to visitors this year, and with the interest aroused by the BBC’s ‘Lambing live’ programs it proved a great year to start our lambing open days.  With the lambing in full swing it took a huge effort to ready the barns for visitors (we put up nearly 100 information and safety notices!) but with the help of all the family we managed all the preparations and on April 3rd we opened the doors for the first time. I must admit to being slightly nervous about inviting visitors in at such a busy time, with no control over when lambs might be born, or what sheep problems might arise. In the event I needn’t have worried, the viewing gallery that we incorporated into the new barn proved a great success, and the sheep delivered lambs right on cue. We had some lovely comments left in the visitors book, so it now looks as if lambing open days are likely to become a regular part of the borough farm calendar.

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