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more ups and downs of alfie

Jake may be in retirement, but his spirit is still very much in evidence with his son Alfie. After the debacle of the West Highland terrier incident, (which I wrote about last time), Alfie has followed up by making a mess of things in a very different way. A habit inherited from his father is to carry farmyard objects in his mouth, so Alfie is frequently to be seen carrying a broom, a log or a bucket wherever he goes. However when it comes to the bucket, there are dangers in carrying one in your mouth, if you don’t first examine it’s contents! One morning this week, I was puzzled as to why Alfie was covered in ┬áblack mud. But upon inspection the mud wasn’t mud at all, but thick black engine oil, which I had drained from the quod bike engine. Alfie had decided to pick up the bucket containing the oil, emptying half down his front and the other half in long black trails across the yard. Alfie was of course completely unconcerned, a lesson learnt? ……not a chance!!!!

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