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As ever the last weeks of the lambing season has flown by. Although the icy east wind howled through the lambing barns almost daily, we have fared far better than sheep farmers in the North of the country. For them drifting snow must have made this years lambing a living nightmare, and I’m just grateful that we didn’t suffer in that way.

In fact it’s been a good year, to date around 900 lambs have been born. Although the grass fields are still bare, I’m feeding the ewes a large amount of concentrates, and so far the lambs are thriving. After last years outbreak of ‘joint ill’, we’ve given each lamb an antibiotic injection at birth. I’ve always tried to resist such prophylactic use of antibiotic, but it seems to have been justified and I’m pleased to say that there has been no repeat of last years’ joint ill’.

I saw the first Swallows of the year today, returned from Africa as always in the second week of April. I always associate the return of the Swallows with the turn of the seasons, I’m just hoping that they bring with them some spring warmth and with it the growth of the spring grass.



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