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sorting the ewe lambs

For the past few years I’ve been crossing the Borough Farm Romney ewes with a Blue Faced Leicester ram. The reason is simple, our Romney ewes are great at looking after themselves on our poor and windy coastal grazing, but they don’t produce quite enough lambs, and as the lamb price has increased in recent years that has become more and more of a problem. By using the Blue Faced Leicester rams, we can produce a ewe lamb, that will grow into a breeding sheep that should suit our type of ground and produce substantially more lambs.

Once this years crop of lambs were weaned at the end of July, I sorted the ewe lambs to a separate field. I was pleased to find that we had 190 suitable animals, and as we only need 120 for the Borough Farm flock this year, I have at least 50 to sell at market in September. So last week I spent an afternoon sorting these lambs, picking the best and most evenly matched to sell at Blackmoor gate on the second Monday of September.

They certainly won’t be the biggest lambs on sale that day, partly because most of them weren’t born until April. But having been reared on some poor and exposed grazing land, they will grow enormously when they move to a more clement area, so I’m hoping for a successful day next week

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