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mud glorious mud

The darkest times of the sheep farming year are surely the weeks around Christmas when the wind and rain turns the daily feeing rounds into the battle of the mud. In recent years we’ve been fortunate to have freezing temperatures, which turn the mud into rock and make the fields a far more pleasant place to work. But for the past few weeks we’ve had endless wind and rain, and although we thankfully haven’t had any flooding it is very very wet. Although it must be miserable for the sheep, they cope fairly well. I make sure that anything older or weaker is bought into the barns and leave the rest of the flock to pick over the sodden grass, and await the bales of silage which I take out each day with the tractor.

But look on ┬áthe bright side. the evening light is now a little longer and in a months time we’ll be getting ready for the arrival of the first lambs, so I can start to believe that Spring is just around the corner.

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