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jake’s been poorly!

The weeks before Christmas weren’t good ones for ┬áJake, as he spent 3 nights in the vets! Jake is now over ten years old and at that age dogs tend to start feeling their age, but it was still a shock when Jake is not his usual bouncy self. He sleeps indoors and it was quite obvious when he woke, one morning in the middle of December, that he was feeling most unwell. His stomach was tight and very tender, so much so that I took him straight into our vets, the Argyl practice in Barnstaple. By 8-30 in the morning he’d been scanned and x-rayed, revealing a large lump in his abdomen.

The result was a major operation during which the vets drained a large cist on his prostate. Jake was very poorly for a couple of days and even when I collected him to bring him home, he was very subdued, only eating meat offered straight from my hand.

But I’m pleased to say that, three weeks on, Jake appears to be much much better. He’s back to his old self, bouncing around and loving his retired life, living indoors and walking in the woods. So although there is always a danger that these things can reoccur, for the moment, Jake is on good form again, top dog at Borough farm, both indoors and out!

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