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zola’s arrivals

We never like to tempt fate by mentioning our new arrivals too soon, but I think we can now say that Zola has 4 healthy pups, two dogs and two bitches. They arrived last Monday night without any problems and Zola has taken to motherhood unbelievably well. She’s obviously feeding them well as they have almost doubled in size in just six days, and although she’s spending most of her time with them, she can’t quite resist coming to help at work in the morning. I guess more than two days without any work would be too much to expect from Zola!

I find the arrival of pups just amazing. These tiny creatures already possess the the genetics which will see them chase sheep in only 14 weeks time. Those genetics will determine how they work, their speed. stamina, bidibility together with the dozens of other traits which go into making a working sheepdogs. Inevitably each will excel in some respects and be weaker in others, but for now they look pretty perfect, and the excitement is in watching them develop.

All of my puppies are bred from the best working dogs that I can find, and we only sell the to working farms, where they have the best chance of fulfilling their ¬†working potential. When we breed a litter there is always a long lost of potential owners. ¬† One of the litter will go to Dick, the owner of ‘Spot’ who is the pups father, as payment for the stud fee. Another has long since promised to a farming friend, who has had his working dogs from me for over ten years. The other two will stay at Borough Farm until I can make a decision as to which is likely to be the best working dog for my needs. The other will then go onto another farm in time to start it’s real training on a new farm.

So all in all it’s well done Zola, and I’m sure that she will be back at work in 2 weeks time… a true working mother!

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