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Rolling Pen


For the past few years we have been selling the Rolling Pen. It’s our own design which takes the time and frustration out of moving ewes and lambs around the barns during the lambing season.

The Rolling Pen combines an easy way to move ewes and new-born lambs, with a convenient mobile restraining device, for use anywhere in the lambing barn.

Lambing is a stressful and exhausting time of year, and nothing is more infuriating than a flighty ewe which runs in every direction rather than following her lambs. The Rolling Pen allows the ewe to walk within the confines of a cage, while following her lambs, in a box right in front of her nose. Ewes and lambs arrive at their destination in a controlled manner, reducing the stress on sheep, lambs and shepherd.
One of the most time consuming jobs in the lambing barn is teaching a reluctant lamb to suckle, and it’s a job which is made all the more difficult if the ewe refuses to stand. At little over 2ft wide, the Rolling Pen is small and maneuverable enough to fit down most lambing barn alleys, where the head yolk allows the ewe to be held in complete security, while the lamb is taught to feed.


  • Robust galvanized steel construction.
  • Detachable heavy-duty lamb box.
  • Full length opening side doors for easy entry and exit of ewes.
  • Heavy-duty solid wheels with roller bearing. Braked swivel wheels on rear.
  • Light to push and able to cope with most ground conditions

Our Story

‘After nearly 30 years of sheep farming, we opened the Borough farm lambing barns to the public for the first time in 2009. It soon became apparent that with visitors around moving a ewe with lambs was impossible, for fear of the ewe running off and knocking someone over. So with some plans in mind I headed off for a stint in the farm work shop. Eventually the Rolling Pen was conceived as a solution to sheep movement problems on our open days. But the device proved so successful that even after the visitors had gone, the Rolling Pen remained firmly in use. In fact it has become a pre requisite for students, children and wife, or anyone else charged with moving a flighty looking ewe.

And late at night when a lamb needs to be held to suckle, the head yolk in the Rolling Pen is nothing short of a godsend. In years gone by I would use the ancient shepherding trick of holding a flighty ewe with my head pushed into her flank to stop her bolting around the pen. Now I can secure her simply with the Rolling Pen and leave both hands free to deal with the lamb. So looking back at the places which I’ve worked over those yeas of lambing sheep, I only wish that I’d come up with the idea sooner, it’s certainly one step towards making life in the lambing barn a little less stressful’
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